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Blues Harmonicas

If you are looking for a good diatonic harmonica that produces one of the best sound among the diatonic harps then you may have found just what you are looking for! We have selected for you below the best harmonicas to Play the Blues and get a great rich full tone.
- The Harmo Polar is an incredible go to harmonica that is not only easy to play but also louder than most models. Thanks to its phosphore bronze reeds and slick US design it systematically comes on top a the best harmonica in its price range. Blind Mississippi Morris an authentic bluesman from Memphis made it his top choice for Blues so what are you waiting for?
- Going up in Price the Hohner Crossover is the latest innovation in Blues harmonica from Hohner. Based on the Marine Band Classic and Marine Band Deluxe it takes the classic Blues harmonica a step further using higher quality parts and open covers designed by Joe Filisko. A model approved by the old blues veteran David Baker.
- In the same price range as the Crossover Seydel created a model that got many pro players excited. The Seydel 1847 Classic, also available in other variations such as the 1847 silver, 1847 Noble and 1847 Lightning. Approved by the one and only Charlie Musselwhite, you can't go wrong with that!

- The Ultimate Blues harmonica might have just been redefined when Harmo created the Custom Shop model line. For those who have even more money in the bank, you can now actually select your own comb and covers to create your Custom model. An All Walnut, ALl Maple All brass, or a mix of these will definitely get you the best Blues harmonica you can get!

- For those of you who like Chromatic Blues harmonica playing A La Little Walter or George Smith the Hohner Chomonica 280 is still the way to go to get this distinctive sound you've heard on so many records. 

Harmonicaland offers the best discounts and prices on Blues harmonicas.
Most useful keys are C, D ,G and A and should get you covered for most situations.

Modern Blues harmonica are also on the website HARMO, tag Blues harmonicas.