Hohner Marine Band Deluxe

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Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Hohner harmonica, upgraded version of the Marine Band

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Respect the Roots - State of the Art!

Newer revisited version of the classic Marine Band 1896. Better quality and sound projection make it a favorite of many bluesmen.
Easier to disassemble and clean the Marine band deluxe is the fancy big brother of the classic.

Harmonica comb material: wood

Recommended for harmonica: all levels
Style of music: Blues, country, folk

Famous harmonica players using it: Hip Mc Cain, Johnny Littleton


Styles Blues
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Hohner purchase—-deluxe
Michael W. on 01/21/2020 Very smooth purchase. Quick delivery. Great job
Hohner diatonic - C
Alfred A. on 01/14/2020 Great harmonica - easy to bend
Hohner diatonic - Bb
Alfred A. on 01/14/2020 Great harmonica - easy to bend.
Great harp at a great price and fast delivery
James A. on 01/03/2020 Liked their service so much that I purchased another harp from them
Beautiful instrument
David D. on 11/27/2019 I've been wanting to try a Marine band deluxe and finally needed a key I didn't have so I bought this one in the key of B. I know I understand why this is such a favorite. It is beautiful to look at to play and to listen to. It's not as loud as the Hohner Rocket but it has a definite charm of its own.
You guys are good!
George t G. on 11/17/2019 I’ve gotten several harmonicas from Harmonica Land. Never a problem. Thanks for the great work!
My First Deluxe
Jay A. on 11/13/2019 So far, I'm liking it.
Harmonica,Hohner, Marine Band Deluxe Bb
Randall B. on 10/25/2019 perfect new condition and perfect sound out of the box. Love it.
MB Deluxe/Special 20
Larry M. on 09/09/2019 Excellent product. Usually stick with Deluxe's, but wanted to try a Special 20.
CHRISTOPHE D. on 06/01/2019 Pas de surprise
Horner Marine Band Deluxe G Harmonic
Fred N. on 05/29/2019 Pleased with tone and quality
Anthy O. on 04/12/2019 n/a
Anthy O. on 04/12/2019 n/a
Anthy O. on 04/12/2019 n/a
old school fine instrument
Christian P. on 02/19/2019 built the way they were when I got my first chromatic in 1957
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 02/18/2019 !
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 02/18/2019 !
Great harp!
Waverly M. on 02/18/2019 !
Neil Young
maggie H. on 12/03/2018 I know nothing about music or harmonicas, but my son wanted one like Neil Young used in his hayday. Harmonica Land folks knew exactly what I should buy. My son loves his new harmonica!
RICHARD N. on 11/30/2018 OK
Robert Whitlock
Robert W. on 09/26/2018 The Marine band deluxe is my favorite harmonica. It’s a refined version of the classic marine band.
Great harp
Dakota W. on 07/24/2018 As much as I love Marine Bands, the Deluxe is a superior harp. Maybe not superior, but some nice little additions. I’ll be purchasing one in B Flat soon!
Bel harmo
Benoit P. on 05/29/2018 Super son jadore . Mon premier est un special 20 que jaime bien aussi. Mais le marine deluxe avec son bois plutot que plastique .. wow Mais jai due payé 25$de douane . Cela ma faché
Great Harp & Great Price
Robert B. on 05/29/2018 MB Deluxe is a great harp. It has the tonal quailty of the original Marine Band but with a much nicer sealed comb. Its also easier to disassemble, clean,and repair. Great harp.
Great harp
Stephen M. on 05/07/2018 Perfecto! I you don't speak Spanish the translation is "perfect"!
HMM Deluxe
william g d. on 04/10/2018 everything was great, from ordering to receiving
David Thompson
David T. on 03/19/2018 Very pleased with the harp. Highly recommend it even for beginners.
Joel L. on 01/30/2018 Excellent quality overall, although the lower reeds required adjustment before it was playable. This was easy to do, thanks to the screw assembly, but a harp of this price really shouldn't need it, imo. In the future, I will buy standard MB's and install screws myself.
Best of The Best
Baron W. on 01/14/2018 I have a crossover and a special 20 but the marine band deluxe is the best. I find it the easiest to bend notes on. It sounds great also. For just playing around with i find a D a little high. My favorite is the B-flat.
Hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 11/28/2017 see below
hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 11/28/2017 see below
hohner harmonicas
Claude D. on 11/28/2017 see below
Good instrument Request stopped in Sao Paulo
Roberval S. on 11/27/2017 This istrument is very good.
Harmonica purchase
Bernie B. on 10/24/2017 Satisfied ser
Great way to buy harps!
Robert B. on 10/21/2017 Excellent is all you need to know! Free Shipping is Fast, fast, fast.
James R. on 10/11/2017 Great harp
Love it!
Kirk C. on 10/07/2017 I got this new harmonica for my birthday and love it. It's a bit more spendy than an original Marine Band, but it's awfully easy to tear down for cleaning. I play the harmonica a lot, and so I clean them a lot; this makes that task easier. I also love the sound and really can't tell the difference between my original Marine Band and this one. Time will tell if this was a good purchase... you can only disassemble and reassemble an original Marine Band so many times, this one should last longer justifying the cost.
Novice player
John D. on 10/06/2017 Love the harmonica. First marine band, and it sounds great!
Marine band Deluxe
David S. on 10/06/2017 The best!
Marine Band Deluxe
David E. on 09/21/2017 Excellent Harmonica.. Enjoy playing this quality instrument
See "D" above
Kirk W. on 09/21/2017 See "D" above
See "C" above
Kirk W. on 09/21/2017 See "C" above
Great service, incredible product & value
Kirk W. on 09/21/2017 Love these harmonicas, quality & innovation. The Deluxe model is worth every penny!
Version deluxe çà vaut le coup
Stephane C. on 04/19/2014 Super harmonica Hohner Marine Band Deluxe, bien meilleure que le classique ; plus étanche, des vis pour le démonter et un corps en poirier. Merci harmonicaland !
Excellent Blues harp !
Kenneth R. on 12/11/2003 Deep down Blues sound. Love it for acoustic blues and bluegrass. Not so good for overblows but what a sound ! The Marine Band Deluxe Hohner is clearly much better than a classic Marine Band.

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