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Seydel Session Steel - Seydel Diatonic Harmonicas





  • Stainless steel coverplates rounded at the mouthpiece
  • ABS comb with recessed German Silver reedplates
  • Stainless steel rivets and screws

The Seydel Session Steel is a perfect harmonica for playing blues songs. This harmonica is an updated and improved version of the Seydel Session, a must-have for every blues player.

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Description: Seydel Session Steel

Sounds stronger. Lives longer.

The Seydel Session Steel is an enhanced blues harmonica, featuring corrosion-free stainless steel reeds, ergonomic and smooth covers, and an orange plastic comb.

This harmonic is the upgraded brand new version of the successful Seydel Session Harmonica, patiently and carefully redesigned for a bold new look, quite superior playability and a fantastic sound. Those reeds provide the best, clearest, fullest sound, that can compete against the 1847 models.

As a part of the upgraded design, the shape of the harmonica has been updated to be lip-friendlier.

The highly accurate, carefully adjusted German Silver reedplates of the Seydel Session Steel harmonica are a guarantee of heavenly sounds. This harmonica is suited for all kind of players, from beginners to experienced. You can easily play classics of blues country and folk music with it.

An up to five times longer playing life compared to models with brass reeds!

The Seydel Session Steel comes with a convenient genuine leather pouch.

Seydel Session Steel – FREE shipping in USA !

Styles Rock
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Rare key
David B. on 11/14/2018 Good product
Mike Bates
Mike B. on 08/18/2018 Fast Service Thanks
Mike Bates
Mike B. on 08/18/2018 Thanks Fast Service Great Doing Business with you hear From Me Again
Great Harmonica
Jeffery B. on 06/27/2018 I was told to buy this harp. I have been a trumpet/bugle player since 1970. The standard harmonicas are too small for what I need. It is well made and sounds great. I just wish I could pick it up and play it like I have been playing for years. Nothing comes easy to me. I just need to practice and this harp will give me the best chance to succeed.
Terry M. on 05/10/2018 Great harp great fast service what else can I say will do more business here
Session Steel
Thomas M. on 03/22/2018 I play the harmonica for my own amusement. It's fun to switch between the Session Steel and the 1847.
Joe Suarez
Joseph S. on 03/16/2018 The harmonica within two - 3 days of order. However, I could barely get a sound from the # 2  draw. I immediately called Seydel and sent the harmonica to their N.C. center for correction. This is disappointing as this is a $60 Seydel and I expected better from them. I've had cheaper harmonicas that have performed much better. Maybe no more Seydels for me.
Positive Review
Parran K. on 03/01/2018 I received the Seydel a Session harmonica and it was well packaged, arrived promptly and both was and is a fine product. Perry
I ordered a whole set of Seydel Session Steel
Jay S. on 11/18/2017 I have played 3 gigs with them and so far I love them, they are easy to play, they have great tone and they are easy on the lips. Hopefully they will last a long time as advertised. Jay S. Playing Rockin Blues Harp since 1970
Seydel Blues Session Steel
Roger H. on 11/12/2017 I am surprised how good this harp is. It sounds great. It bends easy, I tuned and gapped it, and it plays very well. Congrats Seydel, you done good!
Stephen e. on 10/10/2017 Geart
Stephen e. on 10/10/2017 Great
plays great
Anthony S. on 10/05/2017 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
plays great
Anthony S. on 10/05/2017 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
Strange, disonent overtones
Brian B. on 09/21/2017 A well-made harp that plays well, but due to strange, disonent, non-musical overtones, I frankly can't use it. Back to my old faithful Lee Oskars.
Decent Harp
SAGE H. on 09/20/2017 Nice design, plays well.
Disappointed with the airy-ness in whole 2
SAGE H. on 09/20/2017 Has the "wind tunnel" sound on whole 2 which you expect from a cheap harmonica except this is NOT an inexpensive harp. I was disappointed with the airy-ness of this harmonica.
Gene A. on 04/02/2017 They make a great harp!
Good quality harp from Seydel
Amy D. on 04/16/2006 The only orange comb harmonica on the market ! The Session Steel Seydel looks good and has stainless steel reeds. Mine did not last longer than my Hohner but anyways it's a good harp but clearly overpriced. Good tone for a plastic comb not too easy to play though.

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